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london kiwi style

Location: Europe

Hey guys this is a small collection of the sights around london , i hope you enjoy

1 Jan 2002, 12:03AM

Phill and ro (arnt they cute

1 Jan 2002, 12:01AM

Bodiam castel on one of the first sunny days since i got here

1 Mar 2005, 3:45PM

air plane food (yum yum)

1 Jan 2002, 12:02AM

remains of the abby at the battle of hastings

4 Mar 2005, 1:41AM

the view over london from the london eye

4 Mar 2005, 12:32AM

kerry in london. cold and jet lagged but enjoying things all the same

11 Mar 2005, 11:47PM

2 kiwis walk into a bar this is on the way out .

4 Mar 2005, 11:52AM

one of the many regrettable pictures that ive taken (paul ,not at his best)

5 Mar 2005, 10:34AM

the bar at the bottom of the generator

13 Mar 2005, 4:17PM

hey guys do you like my place? (the generator in london)

29 Apr 2005, 10:22PM

from left to right anna (the dossers cousin,lis(my room mate) clair (the dosser)

21 Mar 2005, 3:36PM

an old house, i just like it