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live 8 and scotland

2 Jul 2005, 12:15PM

2 hours untill the gates open and 1800 meters to go

2 Jul 2005, 7:49AM

i really am a morning person arnt i

2 Jul 2005, 1:43PM

im in im in

2 Jul 2005, 1:16PM

the scene before toe concert

2 Jul 2005, 4:52PM

the view backwards

2 Jul 2005, 3:13PM

as close to the stage as i got but it was still sooooo cool

2 Jul 2005, 9:38PM

this is very important, as home can be far away

2 Jul 2005, 6:15PM

and to the side

30 May 2004, 10:06AM

a random from scotland

1 Jul 2005, 10:25PM

downstairs the previous night to live 8

24 Jun 2005, 9:55PM

paul leaving me for home and his mate rowena