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more from the scotland trip

1 Jun 2005, 4:59PM

another castle type thing

1 Jun 2005, 4:04PM

from edinborough castle to the city

1 Jun 2005, 8:45PM

belties are better lol

1 Jun 2005, 5:23PM

the ungarded side of the castle as the hill is steep

2 Jun 2005, 1:06PM

paul on one of our random adventures in the

2 Jun 2005, 11:15AM

this is a well head from the main street

26 May 2005, 3:18PM

the entrance to a scottish cell from a castle

2 Jun 2005, 2:04PM

more of the castle

26 May 2005, 4:39PM

a close up of the fairy castle

26 May 2005, 4:27PM

the fairy glen from scotland

26 May 2005, 4:47PM

from the castle down

26 May 2005, 4:45PM

an entrance to the other world