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1wedding &a funeral

Location: Taipei + Dashi, Taiwan

22 Apr 2006, 2:28PM

Traditional Taiwanese funeral parade with dancers and beer - no, really!

21 Apr 2006, 4:06PM

Butterfly on our window

26 Apr 2006, 8:42PM

And here's the happy (???) couple

26 Apr 2006, 8:10PM

From funeral to wedding

26 Apr 2006, 8:20PM

Mmmmm... Chicken balls anyone?! They'll really eat anything here

26 Apr 2006, 8:35PM

One of Izzy's students: Tim the bartender

7 May 2006, 12:47PM

Local kids

7 May 2006, 12:46PM

Man in alley way. Dashi, Ilan county.

7 May 2006, 2:36PM

The train (and some mountains)

7 May 2006, 2:33PM

Waiting for the train