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CKS Residency, Taipei

Location: CKS Residency, Taiwan

Checking out Chang-Kai Shek's old recidency, now serving as a memorial for deceased soldiers.

13 May 2006, 1:36PM

Beautiful Taiwanese constructions

13 May 2006, 1:35PM

CKS Residency in it's glory

13 May 2006, 1:41PM

Boy in red

13 May 2006, 1:40PM

The memorial hall

13 May 2006, 1:59PM

One of us

13 May 2006, 1:46PM

And the backside

13 May 2006, 2:39PM

We thought it was a while ago since you saw this fella ;-)

13 May 2006, 2:20PM

Banner outside Taipei's National Palace Museum. The autrocities the CCP gets away with in China are truly barbaric and heart breaking.