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Final days in Taiwan

Location: Tainan and Taipei, Taiwan

20 May 2006, 5:58PM

I'll get a better picture before I leave but nice of em to leave a bit of space for the kids.

20 May 2006, 5:49PM

Sports man of the year.

18 Jun 2006, 5:35PM

In Tainan, stopping for a rest.

15 Jun 2006, 8:18AM

Battle-cat. How much we're going to miss our feline friend.

17 Jun 2006, 8:00PM

It's a big job being a God and not all fun and games. :(

17 Jun 2006, 4:55PM

Matsu God of the Sea of the millions of temples in tainan :0

1 Jul 2006, 4:33PM

These are my trained monkies, taught em everything i know, God help em.

18 Jun 2006, 5:28PM

Cos play kids. Take their photo and make their day.

1 Jul 2006, 3:31PM

My private army.

1 Jul 2006, 2:19PM

Oi teacher! Leave those kids alone, all in all it's just another brick in the wall...

29 Jun 2006, 12:12AM

And later with cake on her face. (She's no good without the chopsticks)

28 Jun 2006, 9:43PM

Barbie playing with her electro band on her birthday.