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Location: Idanhanova, Portugal

3 Aug 2006, 8:16PM

Hmmm... Ciaran trying to find his way with Neptune posing in the background.

1 Aug 2006, 9:13PM

No, this isn't Portugal... But Kilkenny Castle looked so nice it had to sneak in here.

5 Aug 2006, 7:17AM

Ah, fireshow at the Boom festival.

4 Aug 2006, 5:24PM

Cows just don't look the same outside of India...

9 Aug 2006, 1:54AM

In daylight it might not look like much, but come nighttime and all these graphic contraptions start playing tricks on your mind.

6 Aug 2006, 1:42AM

So many activities during the festival. Here they're getting a hot air aloon on the go

9 Aug 2006, 4:06AM

View from our campsite.

5 Aug 2006, 3:26AM

One part of the huge lake the festival was set up around

9 Aug 2006, 6:14AM

By the main dance floor; do you dare to enter...

9 Aug 2006, 6:13AM

Giant mutant power flower

9 Aug 2006, 1:50AM

Hippies hanging out in the chillout zone.

9 Aug 2006, 6:13AM

High above our heads and changing shapes all the time