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Chang Mai

Location: Thailand

29 Apr 2005, 3:51AM

Iz on dodgy bridge

27 Apr 2005, 3:08PM

Chiang Mai Ladyboys performing traditional Thai dance

29 Apr 2005, 6:36AM

Iz feeding bananas to Ciaran, uh, elephant

29 Apr 2005, 4:21AM

Iz with tribal child

29 Apr 2005, 8:37AM

Ciaran swiming in waterfall with South american Ladies

1 May 2005, 7:14AM


1 May 2005, 8:53AM

Tour guide

1 May 2005, 7:15AM

Doi Sutep Temple in GOLD

1 May 2005, 9:41AM

BIG Bengal Tiger

1 May 2005, 8:56AM

Thai Monkey