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Kandy, Sri Lanka

Location: Kandy, Sri Lanka

23 May 2005, 6:11AM

Oi! Give those back!

22 May 2005, 9:12AM

View of the Lake in Kandy Town, from the hotel swimingpool we spent a good few mornings at.

23 May 2005, 8:07AM


23 May 2005, 7:09AM

Ciaran and our tuk-tuk driver over looking the Kandy Valley

25 May 2005, 2:02PM

Sri Lankan fire dancer

25 May 2005, 12:42PM

Streets of Kandy during their celebrations of Buddah's death, birth and enlightenment

26 May 2005, 9:43AM

A picture for our parents...

26 May 2005, 7:29AM

Hunnas Falls

27 May 2005, 6:22AM

This is where we believe they are stashing the goods...

26 May 2005, 10:14AM

The hills of Hunna, just outside Kandy

29 May 2005, 12:07PM

Ciaran and Ms Sri Lanka

27 May 2005, 6:36AM

Scooby, the friskiest dog in Kandy