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Rishikesh, India

Location: Rishikesh, India

18 Jun 2005, 11:27AM

Ciaran strolling through one of the many ashrams

17 Jun 2005, 12:01PM

LaxmanJula bridge, Rishikesh. And no, this is NOT rush hour...

19 Jun 2005, 11:37AM

Chillum smoking sadhus in search of enlightenment (Note the very fashionable baba to the far left with his designer sunglasses and newly styled beard...)

18 Jun 2005, 11:29AM

Shiva the Diva

24 Jun 2005, 11:55AM

The holy Ganges

23 Jun 2005, 2:07PM

The ashram where we stayed for 1 night before regaining our senses and moving to a less prison like guesthouse.

25 Jun 2005, 8:45AM

Iz on the streets of Rishikesh

24 Jun 2005, 12:21PM

Sleeping beauty

25 Jun 2005, 4:19PM

Ciz n Iz with Yogi Master Singh after a tough yoga class

25 Jun 2005, 9:24AM

The deserted Beatle's Ashram with behive-like meditation chambers

30 Jun 2005, 8:19AM

Peter Andre...

28 Jun 2005, 11:23AM

Iz feeding the lovely grey monkeys (and a cow of course)