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Location: Ley, Nothmost India, India

21 Jul 2005, 8:05AM

Once out of the tourist area the main town of Leh looks more like an archaeological dig

21 Jul 2005, 8:04AM

Ciaran in the old (very old by the looks of it) city of Leh.

23 Jul 2005, 8:21PM

Bean an ti (Lady of the house)

23 Jul 2005, 8:20PM

Stepping out of time and into the small house of a Laddky farmer.

24 Jul 2005, 4:00PM

Ladakky folk in tradional, still wore garments.

24 Jul 2005, 11:26AM

One of the many tebetian buddist gompas (temples) located in the mountaineous desert area.

30 Jul 2005, 12:59PM

A prettier view of a gompa.

30 Jul 2005, 2:10PM

Inside gompas can be quite specticalar. I think this picture of myself is nicely complemented by Gotama in the backround.

24 Jul 2005, 4:42PM

The irragation used by the farmers has turned the desert waste land into a fertile valley. This is our guide Gatsu (left) and Jamead (right), a Palestinian recognisance agent sent to investigate the growing Isreali activity in the area. Top bloke.

25 Jul 2005, 1:32PM

If you look closely you might spot Iz in amongst the mustard.

24 Jul 2005, 6:28PM

Bullseye at the local archery competion.