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Back from Ladakh

Location: India

3 Aug 2005, 9:27AM

Getting high in Ladakh

2 Aug 2005, 8:01PM

Hiring a private investigator is money well spent!

3 Aug 2005, 12:57PM

goes on and on..

3 Aug 2005, 8:49AM

The desert

3 Aug 2005, 5:34PM

Desert ski slope

3 Aug 2005, 1:52PM

and on

9 Aug 2005, 4:30PM

l'ddle b'stards up ta no good again.

7 Aug 2005, 2:08PM

A high level monk we meet recongised us as the reincarnations of past lamas (just like Stephen Segal!)
Unfourenty we had to give the hat back when he realised we couldn't aford the donation.

12 Aug 2005, 8:29PM

Some cats we met.

12 Aug 2005, 1:20PM

The day trip to Saturn turned out fab!

12 Aug 2005, 2:34PM

From desert to jungle.