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Real (dark) India

Location: Pushkar, India

22 Aug 2005, 12:25PM

Indian boys swimming at the Ghats. It is possible to see women but they must dress to the hilt. Indian's have yet to discover swim wear.

18 Aug 2005, 9:02AM

Goats are amazing. They'll get themselves just about anywhere.

27 Aug 2005, 10:44AM

Liz in the doctors (not feeling so well)

25 Aug 2005, 1:21PM

A tear for mother nature. Unfourently sights like this are all too common in India. Proper waste management is not a priority for Indians.

2 Sep 2005, 4:58PM

This poor starved man had collasped at this help desk, but where is the help?

28 Aug 2005, 6:12PM

Voting day, but where are the women?

3 Sep 2005, 7:13PM

This is a scrut, a skinny mut. There are all too many of these in indian and the Indians are very hard on them.

3 Sep 2005, 4:56PM

Camels are huge!

17 Aug 2005, 6:02PM

Random men talking. White shirts and tashes are all too common in India.