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Rhajastan 1

Location: Pushkar, India

3 Sep 2005, 10:18PM

Indian women are rarely alowed out of the house, so to see soooo many at once is a real treat!

3 Sep 2005, 9:55PM

Children lighting butter lamps on the ground outside the Vishnu temple in Pushkar for one of the many many many holy festivals that goes on in this town.

5 Sep 2005, 5:06PM

The Vishnu temple by day

3 Sep 2005, 10:33PM

After some hours of religous conditioning they're sent back to the house.

6 Sep 2005, 10:13AM

Getting off the bus at Jaisalmer. India is really like this! There's always someone trying to hawk you some rubbish and they just won't take no for an answer.

5 Sep 2005, 8:51PM

Liz on duty

6 Sep 2005, 5:25PM

Jaisalmer fort, north angle

6 Sep 2005, 5:25PM

Jaisalmer fort

6 Sep 2005, 7:04PM

Sunset over the Jaisalmer desert

6 Sep 2005, 6:50PM

No Ciaran, don't do it! We'll find a place with no hawkers, I promise!