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Rhajastan 2

Location: Jaisalmer, India

7 Sep 2005, 8:39AM

Maharajhan (and wives)cemetary

7 Sep 2005, 7:33AM

Indians at work (no, really)

7 Sep 2005, 9:49AM

Inside Jain temple after entrance fee and camera fee. Like all religons it's just business as usual.

7 Sep 2005, 9:18AM

At Hindu temple - not much to look at except for these sleeping bats.

7 Sep 2005, 11:37AM

Izzy of Arabia

7 Sep 2005, 9:51AM

Jain temple again - getting our monnies worth.

7 Sep 2005, 4:09PM

Hurry up and take that picture, our arses hurt!

7 Sep 2005, 4:08PM

So what did you wish for Aladin?

7 Sep 2005, 6:34PM

What you mean it's worthless?!

7 Sep 2005, 6:34PM

Mmmmm... Thar Desert

8 Sep 2005, 9:50AM

Yes, people do live like this. It's still the Iron age for desert locals.

7 Sep 2005, 6:56PM

Hiding that sunburn...