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Rhajastan 3

Location: Jaisalmer, India

7 Sep 2005, 9:47AM

Entrance to the most sacred spiritual Jain temple only 50 Rs.

7 Sep 2005, 8:39AM

Maharajhan cemetary. Cusom has it that when a Maharajha is cremated, his wives throw themselves onto the phyre. That sort of womanly devotion you just don't get anymore... (except for of course in the very remote areas of India).

7 Sep 2005, 2:16PM

Bringing home the dinner

7 Sep 2005, 9:50AM

Bringing the camera inside for this picture, an extra 50 Rs...

8 Sep 2005, 11:15AM

Hindi pagan animal God sacrifice

7 Sep 2005, 6:57PM

Run Forest run!

8 Sep 2005, 11:21AM

Second day saddle rash.