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Location: Beijing, China

Some of Beijing here, Sight seing and that sort of stuff.
Tune in later so see me wearing my free tibet t-shirt.

14 Sep 2005, 12:18PM

Comrade Ciaran saluting the workers cultural statue of surperme harmony thingy majig.

14 Sep 2005, 11:26AM

Mao is so popular in Beijing, you would almost forget he murdered millions of innocents and tried to wipe out the chinese culture, still you see westerners with t-shirts and bags bearing his image. How sad is that?

14 Sep 2005, 1:08PM

This potrait was rightly egged during the famous tenimen square protests.

14 Sep 2005, 12:29PM

Every capital square has one of these phallic thingys, but why does the Chinese one seem so small?

15 Sep 2005, 11:21AM

No not Beijings backward nazi gang but the symbol for the highly illegal and persecuted Folun Gong Religion.

14 Sep 2005, 1:22PM

Red Guard Wannabes.

16 Sep 2005, 1:38PM

The forrbidden City from the north west corner.

15 Sep 2005, 1:42PM

The effects of Beijing acid rain.

19 Sep 2005, 8:18AM

The start of our 10km hike.

19 Sep 2005, 8:15AM

There was something creepy about Ciaran that day....