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The GREAT wall and some more

Location: Beijing, China

Our 10km walk on the famous GREAT wall - tis was a cloudy day, could our little camera catch the greatness of this wall... you be the judge.

19 Sep 2005, 9:09AM

Rest point 2: 8 3/4 left.

19 Sep 2005, 9:06AM

Still another 9 km left. Don't give up guys!

19 Sep 2005, 10:46AM

Nice shirt!

19 Sep 2005, 10:05AM

And the wall goes on

19 Sep 2005, 11:34AM

One of the many, many, many towers on the way. Built like an old mini castle. We had a great time climbing through to get to the other side, whilst a group of old tourists were getting closer and closer from behind. We couldn't understand how they could be so fast until we met some walking AROUND the towers...

19 Sep 2005, 11:18AM

Downhills from here

21 Sep 2005, 10:22AM

Beijing's famous "Forbidden city" - only forbidden if you don't pay the entrance fee.

21 Sep 2005, 8:58AM

Exhibit 294: Boy in Bamboo

21 Sep 2005, 10:37AM

Giant turtle - symbol of longevity

21 Sep 2005, 10:27AM

Dragon heads, and 100s of them - old style drainage system in the forbidden city

21 Sep 2005, 11:32AM

Temple of the Chinese money God. The guy faked his own death and had people burn paper money for his funeral only so he could reappear a few days later. Chinese believe that burning money guarantees a good rebirth

21 Sep 2005, 11:09AM

Incredibly large piece of marble with dragons and horses dancing around on it, but I'm sure you could see that.