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Beijing & Xi'an

Location: Xi'an, China

Pictures speak for themselves but we've helped them along a little.....

27 Sep 2005, 11:07AM

China town

24 Sep 2005, 11:33AM

Old dudes playing Mah Jong on street corner

1 Oct 2005, 2:49PM

emmmmmm, ancient chinese dog man thingy

1 Oct 2005, 2:18PM

Ancient chinese God.

2 Oct 2005, 3:14PM

But the sea world section??????????? was really good.

2 Oct 2005, 3:03PM

Bampo neolithic village was shit, really shit.......

3 Oct 2005, 11:12AM

Inside a taoist temple, temple of the eight immortals.

3 Oct 2005, 10:36AM

Old folks rubbing coins of this lucky wall to give their pensions a boost

3 Oct 2005, 12:56PM

Liz ready with the back up

3 Oct 2005, 11:13AM

Ciaran challenging the head Daoist to a a kung fu match on the forbidden bridge

3 Oct 2005, 2:11PM

Liz on the old city wall

3 Oct 2005, 1:33PM

outside the xian city walls with no play ground in sight