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Location: Shaolin, China

9 Oct 2005, 2:00PM

Shaolin roof tops

9 Oct 2005, 1:26PM

lady under arch

9 Oct 2005, 5:09PM

Bodhidharma founder of shaolin kung fu and zen buddism..........and Liz.

9 Oct 2005, 2:40PM

If I don't stop he's really going to kick my ass.

11 Oct 2005, 8:39PM

Ciaran putting in some practice with his kung fu sifu.

10 Oct 2005, 4:22PM

The classic knockout punch at the shaolin exams.

14 Oct 2005, 12:44PM

Lovely winding paths of wudangshan

14 Oct 2005, 11:57AM

Carefull now.

14 Oct 2005, 1:19PM

Wudang mountain's lovely mystic ruins.

14 Oct 2005, 1:22PM

Chinese wishing tree

14 Oct 2005, 2:50PM

This is the cleanest toilet I've ever seen in China, EVER! And more privacy than usual!

14 Oct 2005, 2:15PM

Jacket 10Eur
Jeans 15Eur
Shoes 2Eur And boy can you feel it....