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Wudang Mountain

Location: Wudangshan, China

Some clips of the pathways that wind around the beautiful wudang mountains.

15 Oct 2005, 2:03PM

Bringing accessability to a national attraction.

15 Oct 2005, 12:42PM

Hidden in this clif face are the small houses of Daoist hermits.

15 Oct 2005, 4:23PM

A sea of mountains.

15 Oct 2005, 3:32PM

The golden temple rests on Wudang's highest peak.

15 Oct 2005, 4:36PM

Daoist Immortals

15 Oct 2005, 4:32PM

A typical chinese side street, we wish.....
Part of the golden temple.

15 Oct 2005, 5:02PM

Chinese royal/holy roof tops always have this guy riding a chicken!!!!!

15 Oct 2005, 4:50PM

Jesus lad, Get your head out of the way!

15 Oct 2005, 5:54PM

Beautiful autum colours

15 Oct 2005, 5:53PM

Pathways wind up and around. Each pass has a cermoneous gate.

15 Oct 2005, 4:53PM

And just another view from the mountain for old times sake.

15 Oct 2005, 4:57PM

A big fire where people burn gigantic sticks of incense they've just lugged up the mountain.