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Nanjing-Neon Central

Location: Nanjing, China

Nanjing, christnas 365 days a year.....

19 Oct 2005, 8:58PM

Karaoke T.V. - the most popular week-end entertainment in China.

19 Oct 2005, 4:59PM

No this is not Venice it's Nanjing.

21 Oct 2005, 1:06AM

We were so happy to see Martina in Nanjing.

19 Oct 2005, 9:03PM

The Rising Dragon, In NEON (of course).

22 Oct 2005, 12:18PM


22 Oct 2005, 12:18PM


22 Oct 2005, 2:27PM

The blind leading the blind(I couldn't believe it's true!)

22 Oct 2005, 12:41PM

Victim of the Nanjing Massacare. 300000 butchered in the Japanese invasion prior to WW2 and the chinese will never let them forget it.

22 Oct 2005, 8:14PM

Hail to his Excently Cizhou and Mistress Lizwu

22 Oct 2005, 7:02PM

Just in at No.1.

26 Oct 2005, 4:19PM

Just hanging with the fat boy.

22 Oct 2005, 8:57PM

Chinese hotpot, the closest thing we've gotten to home cooking.