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Location: Shanghai, China

This is shanghai a city in change. Building grow up overnight like mushrooms as architects work out what to do with the every surging population. 

29 Oct 2005, 10:53AM

Izzzzy at a Shanghai park.

28 Oct 2005, 8:38PM

Shanghai shines brightly by night.

29 Oct 2005, 2:51PM

Aha! I knew it. This is why there's no camels in Ireland. The lephrechans rode them all to china. (Well St. Patrick drove the snakes out)

29 Oct 2005, 1:38PM

Giant budda head in wood. Last one, I`m really over these.

29 Oct 2005, 3:59PM

THE FUTURE OF SHANGHAI。。。in minature from.

29 Oct 2005, 3:34PM

Doing my bit to support gobal stability.

30 Oct 2005, 2:49PM

I`m sure the map says it@s around here somewhere.

29 Oct 2005, 5:15PM

Gentelmen behold Shanghai. That will be all, Liz.

30 Oct 2005, 5:22PM

Chinese city on a typically clear day.