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Tokyo city

Location: Tokyo, Japan

4 Nov 2005, 9:35PM

We got nicely tanked up and talked about home and soon forgot the price of the pints.

2 Nov 2005, 5:12PM

On our trip over we had a dojo as a bedroom! So cool.

10 Nov 2005, 2:11PM

Tokyo Uni

8 Nov 2005, 6:19PM

So what I'm wearing shoes..

13 Nov 2005, 12:36AM

Breaking into the Tokyo stock market.

12 Nov 2005, 9:37PM

We never would have made it down that side section without him.....

13 Nov 2005, 4:36PM

Japanese Elvis Rocker.

13 Nov 2005, 3:00PM

...turned out to a real chat up line...

17 Nov 2005, 12:16PM

Ashimo, the house robot at our hostel, standard model for most \japanese households.

13 Nov 2005, 10:33PM

Ciaran: Yeah, the guy in the background looks just like me.

17 Nov 2005, 10:29PM

Jesus Bar. Well, they do it to Budda in the West.

17 Nov 2005, 10:24PM

We love you!