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Location: Taipei, Taiwan

24 Nov 2005, 2:47PM

Entrance gate to CKS Memorial on a cloudy day

24 Nov 2005, 2:46PM

Ciaran checking the echo of the square at CKS Memorial. Taipei National Theatre in the background

24 Nov 2005, 2:58PM

2 little ones that made it out of cram school early

24 Nov 2005, 2:54PM

The massive CKS Memorial hall

24 Nov 2005, 3:20PM

Shiny shoes in blurry shot

24 Nov 2005, 3:18PM

Chaing Kai-Shek (a.k.a. CKS) in person, or well... Taiwan's 2nd President.

27 Nov 2005, 2:02PM

Longshan Temple water park

24 Nov 2005, 6:18PM

Loyal Taiwanese protesting against the current president outside the government building. Every day for over 1 year he's stood here showing his discontent.

30 Nov 2005, 7:44PM

And voila! Here she is, Taipei 101, the tallest building in da WORLD.

30 Nov 2005, 7:13PM

Wishing y'all a bright x-mas! And no, it's not our santa outfit...

2 Dec 2005, 2:13PM

Blurry kids feeding a blurry squirrel nut on a stick.

30 Nov 2005, 10:31PM

Yeah, they have them here as well, the puppy-dolls