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Around Taiwan

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Around Taiwan in 5 days.

7 Dec 2005, 12:18PM

Ocean view from Taiwna's east coast

6 Dec 2005, 4:59PM

Man on dragon at dusk

7 Dec 2005, 1:28PM

Coconut plantation

7 Dec 2005, 1:27PM

Black birds

8 Dec 2005, 2:32PM

7 Dec 2005, 5:06PM

9 Dec 2005, 1:06PM

Mr Green Fairy

9 Dec 2005, 1:04PM

Better weather and further south

9 Dec 2005, 3:57PM

Ciaran rowing away on the Sunmoon Lake

9 Dec 2005, 2:37PM

Hopefully these guys won't end up on the x-mas table

10 Dec 2005, 12:37PM

Ciaran and Iz at the southern most tip of Taiwan

10 Dec 2005, 2:01PM

Another one of us by the ocean