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X-mas & New Year in Taipei

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

24 Dec 2005, 7:58PM

Behold! The nog...

The Taiwanmex crew enjoying x-mas egg nog

31 Dec 2005, 9:26AM

The basket case - Yes, it IS a man playing flute with a basket on his head...

24 Dec 2005, 11:23PM

Magos (tex) and Raul (mex) the owners of Taiwanmex, joining in the party.

31 Dec 2005, 5:03PM

Taipei crowds on New Year's eve

31 Dec 2005, 3:59PM

Taipei 101 in full glory. Fact: If yu take the total lenght of 101 and divide it by the male population and add it to their lenght it still falls short of both the Average African lenght (AAL) and Average European Lenght (AEL)

31 Dec 2005, 5:19PM

Peace-out everyone!

31 Dec 2005, 5:11PM

Erwin, Iz, Ciaran and David - getting ready to boogie

1 Jan 2006, 3:06AM

Us + taiwanese crowd - on fire...

31 Dec 2005, 5:55PM

Taipei 101 - on fire...