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Thai boxing/Lantern fire

Location: Taiwan

19 Jan 2006, 9:51PM

Yet another classic boxing moment

19 Jan 2006, 9:43PM

"Who Said That?!"

4 Feb 2006, 8:45PM

Some girls writing there wishes on a lantern, if it goes up to heaven the wishes will come true.

4 Feb 2006, 8:37PM

On a dark and wet night we ventured off to the latern festival.

4 Feb 2006, 9:12PM

Must by the Irish in me but we went for a green lantern

4 Feb 2006, 9:00PM

Theres actually a herd of flying lanterns here but the photo's crap so you'll have to use yer imagination.

4 Feb 2006, 9:20PM

And away we go

4 Feb 2006, 9:20PM

Light her up with some help for the experts