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St Patrick´s Day, Taipei

Location: Taiwan

17 Mar 2006, 4:48PM

Ciaran and Anto having a moment, and Andrew, well, he just had to get in there with a pose...

17 Mar 2006, 2:17PM

Tsing Tao, the beer for a REAL man, oh yeah.

17 Mar 2006, 5:16PM

The Dublin gang of four (Anto, us and Lou)

17 Mar 2006, 4:49PM

Kiss on da cheek

18 Mar 2006, 12:08AM

In one of our favourite spots, Alleycat's, with some of our North American campers

17 Mar 2006, 5:18PM

And here we are again, throwing in that South African poser again

18 Mar 2006, 1:01AM

Taiwanmex (our home for the last 4 months) in person: Raul (the mexiCAN) and Magos and a lovely friend of ours (Liao).

18 Mar 2006, 1:00AM

After Alleycat's, they're really happy campers - and who can blame them?!They've got a pint o'good ol'Guiness in their hands!

22 Mar 2006, 10:38PM

Different night, Liz and Anto getting ready for the dancefloor.