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Location: New Zealand

I only intended to do an introductory day, but when offered to jump off the 500m high Coronet Peak, overlooking
Queenstown at the end of day 1, how could I not......was an amazing experience

The first day was spent just running and practising handling the wing.

the flying ant

The view from launch on Coronet Peak, it looked a long way down!

Sim getting fixed up (by our rather lovely instructor...:-)

You cant see, but I'm running like a loon at this point.....

Getting ready, final check.

And we're away.

We have lift off...

before turning left and starting to head alongside the hill, towards the flight park.

You fly for about 12 minutes. Heading out away from the hill,

It can get a bit tiring running up and down the hill.......sim, having a rest.