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Christmas in Ozzie

Location: New Zealand

I stayed with Becs and Dave, too dear, long standing friends of mine. Had a blast.

then, with the boards drying in the sun

7 am Xmas morning, off for a surf.. how ozzie.

shades and Xmas hat. It was quite strange having all the "traditional" northern Xmas symbols mixed in with the Southern Hemispher lifestyle...

we settled down for a bubbly fruit and breads breakfast on the sunny lovely.

Bruce with his dog, who is now 13 yrs old. Lovely dog, even if a bit knackered...

The xmas morning gang. From L-R. me, Dave, Louise, Bruce and Becs.

Then, we went on to more friends of Becs, peter and Nikki for a fantastic seafood feast.

I left Ozzie sooner than planned, as I was itchin to get back to Auckland to start my new life, but Becs understood, even if she did try to take Gonzo as ransom for my return....

And on boxing day we had a quiet "family" day in which we exchanged pressies and chilled out.