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Diving Poor Knights

Location: New Zealand

The Poor Knights islands, North of Auckland, are rated by Jacques Costeau as one of the top ten places in the world to dive. Jo's family took us out on their friends boat for the day. It was the first time I'd dived since the ear incident in Fiji, but all went really well. We had a perfect day.

and who says I'm a control freak?

Dawn departure. Already warm.

The pinnacles, just south of the poor knights islands. Jo's dad has been diving for 40 years, and has only ever had conditions good enough to dive the pinnacles once, so we were lucky to get to dive at this site on our day out.

We took the boat through this arch. The rock formations around the island were really quite specatacular.

Jo, who I have been staying with (& her boyfriend Greg), since November.

This is a Selp. A tubular organism, that feeds of the microorganisms in the current that passes through it. Pretty weird I must say.