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Florence + Siena

Location: Italy

My time in Florence - It was very hot while I was here, hence why I look a little tired and weary in the photo.

22 Jul 2005, 8:46AM

I think this was inside some place that started with a V - I don't have my travel book with me at the moment, but will update when I find out.

22 Jul 2005, 8:03AM

Me in Florence in front of the cathedral

22 Jul 2005, 9:46AM

Veiw over Florence. This is the old town. But when you are driving down the streets a bit out from the old centre part of the town, they actually reminded me a lot of Adelaide!! Wide streets, lined with Plane trees.

22 Jul 2005, 8:49AM

As previous. It was very pretty : )

22 Jul 2005, 10:42AM

Me on the Ponto Vecchio - bridge with houses on it which are now all expensive jewellery shops.

22 Jul 2005, 9:49AM

View over Florence

23 Jul 2005, 4:15PM

Took this one for you mum and dad ; )

23 Jul 2005, 2:09PM

Sienna. The people who sell green paint must make a fortune, as all windows in the Tuscany region are painted grees - typically against a yellow painted wall.

Florence view

Ponto Vecchio (I know I'm probably spelling this wrong!)

25 Jul 2005, 7:54AM

.......and this was just the furnishings of our cheap backpackers!

The Uffizzi corridors. Huge galleries came off from this huge U shaped corridor. It took me ages to go round.