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Pisa and Florence backpackers

Location: Pisa (mostly), Italy

yeah, we did go a bit photo crazy at Pisa - but hey, everyone else was - so we thought it best to just slot right in.

Our Backpackers in Florence - a former 17th century villa. It was nice.

25 Jul 2005, 7:54AM

Just the mere foyer roof painting at our backpackers.

25 Jul 2005, 12:40PM


Me outside the backpackers.

It had to be done ; ) When I first arrived I thought that all these people were doing Tai Chi.

Pisa - view from the Pizza shop ; )

And this - Pisa is really just 'take a photo land' (check out the gun - a little too close to my chest in retrospect)

As did this. I climbed up to the top tier level one above where my finger is (and then I chickened)

Leaning tower of Pisa next to the cathedral.

And this definitely had to be done!!

Pisa and plane

Me at the top (well almost the top) of the leaning tower of Pisa.