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Italy - Lucca and Cinque Terra

Location: Lucca and Cinque Terra, Italy

Holidays are so nice : )

26 Jul 2005, 5:26PM

Garden in Lucca

Me after filling up my drink bottle with lovely spring water. They have these fountains which are constantly running all over Italy. I think the water coming out of this one was extra special. It had a sign near it with mineral analysis of the water. Anyway........Do as the locals do - They were all filling up multiple large bottles to take back to their houses.

27 Jul 2005, 1:06PM

These cute little villages are fishing and grape growing villages. They are very quaint.

One of the Cinque Terra Villages - Manarola I think. Note all the grape vine rows.

Cinque Terra - view from above.

Me on a bridge walking between the 5 (Cinque) little villages.

Magical Vernazza (I hope I'm spelling it right!)

This one is Vernazza

Where can I fit?

28 Jul 2005, 9:41AM

Montorosso, the final and biggest of the villages, which also has a sandy (very thin!!) beach. Which is packed.


29 Jul 2005, 11:35AM

This is Venice of course : )