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St Marks Square

29 Jul 2005, 1:44PM

Crazy pigeon shot!!

Car Park

Florian (very posh) tea shops liing St Marks Square

Just washing, but heaps pretty I thought

The gondolas are very expensive to go on, as you can see they are very posh. I didn't go on one, most of my enjoyment was just watching them in their strippy T-shirts and funny hats, saying 'Gondoola' in that way that they do

Follow the signs

30 Jul 2005, 9:23AM

Just to show you how much the water has risen!! Waht used to be someones front door steps and fireplace.

If you are lost, just follow the signs.

St Marks Square

13 Aug 2005, 10:17AM

My little friend Helen in front of her tiny house in Carlisle

Tuscany view from Backpackers in Florence