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Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik and Island of Lopud

Arriving at Lopud

Dubrovnik Bridge - New Harbour

Me drinking Pivo (beer) in the botanical gardens on Lopud. This Ozusjko (mind spelling) stuff is really nice!! So is Mythos in Greece. The serenity didn't last long as me and Ollie were attacked by giant wasps. I think they were after our beer. (We looked like real wimps)

Me at Lopud

Lopud - face on wall

The post-war delapidated Grand Hotel. (Me and Ollie have plans to buy it ; ) )

Lopud - note the Croatian flag in the back ground. It is everywhere.


Dubrovnik, view from the Palace.

My sunset shot, on the boat leaving Lopud.

In the arches on the top level of Dubrovnik Palace. It is shaped like a square with on open area in the centre.

View from Dubrovnik Palace