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Toronto - March-April

Location: Toronto, Canada

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Boston Bruins at the Air Canada Centre

Front row seats courtesy of Faskens! These 16 stone behemoths crash into the perspex screen about half a foot away from your face!

Queen's Quay, across the road from my apartment.

Maple Leafs triumph 5-2 against the much fancied Bruins.

My apartment block is the first brown one on the left, right in front of the CN Tower.

Baseball: Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees. Blue Jays win in 10th innings!! Having come back from 5-3 down in 9th. Amazing. 3-3. I am Toronto's lucky charm.

Basketball: Toronto Raptors v Orlando Magic at the ACC - Raptors win at the death!! 2 out of 2 for me at live Toronto sports events.