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Location: Berlin, Germany

The Jewish memorial site, supposed to depict the layered effect of Jewish graveyards, as in Prague.

The Brandonberg Gate -complete with the Greek goddess of peace that Napolean once stole, and then Germany took it back!

The propaganda mural left from the 50's to depict the good life of communism. We loved the boys on the tractor, with their arms around each other to depict comradery, but also chatting up a blond girl because good communist boys aren't gay!

The labyrinth-like jewish memorial.

The Library where Hitler burnt all the books.

Checkpoint "C" (Charlie)

Parliment dome

The dome of the Parliment house, which you can see into the room where the politicians debate so they can be reminded that they serve the people and are not above anyone...great concept!

The Berlin wall

The line up for the parliment dome overlooking the city (this long because it was free...and worth the wait!)

Ok, so the last shot was trick's only about 10ft high and fenced off.