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Tea Time

Location: Xiding, China

Doing some interesting, longer rides around Xishuangbanna lately. One was a trip to the hill town of Xiding, west of Menghai.

I waited a while before the others arrived in Xiding. It had been a pretty tough 98km ride that day - the last 30km on dirt uphill. I was getting worried when our support car came over the rise, with most of my mates, and their bikes in the back!
(Right) Everyone took to this cute kid. That's before he threatened me with the hoe...

Sunrises are famous in Xiding and this one didn't disappoint. I was up wandering early - lovely atmosphere as people set up the market.

Dinner that eveing was splendid as cooked by the girls and our driver (mate Damien in blue shirt)

Li first thing in the morning on Kongming Mountain. I was feeling a lot better than the evening before.

The market isn't all that fascinating and I've seen so many but it's a cool mix of folk.

"Master of all he surveys"
(LEFT) Still love these creatures, They're so placid.

What doesn't belong here. Me with Li's friend and his family. At least I'm happy.

The grannies off for a day in the field. The whole family were really friendly but shy.

A rare burst of energy! Steaming down the road from the mountain ridge.

Hot and sweaty afternoon and I'm feeling weary again. Not much food either.