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Tooling around Banna

Location: China

Artistic angular shot from my mate Lee. I wasn't aiming so high.

"Rough as Guts" is about the only way to desrcibe this road. Slippery too!

Line dancing, Xishuanbanna style!

What you lookin' at?

Afternoon dragging on and this one's hot and bothered. Great bougainvilleas everywhere.

Getting pretty close to the main road here but I wasn't going to believe that till I saw it.

The third morning before we headed back to Jinghong.

I'd eaten very little for 2 days but still couldn't find my appetite.

Steaming along in first place in the Tour de Xishuanbanna!

Great Hotels of the world. Funny thing the clocks had no label.

Mate Lee again who took us on a great ride in the pouring bloody rain! (LEFT) Cute granny wandering about, and wondering no doubt. (I'm such a clever dick!)