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Leaving Banna (Home)

Location: NW Xishuangbanna, China

Finally hit the road out of Jinghong - my home for the last year or so. Mixed feelings -it's a special place and I'm bound to miss it. Ces la vie!

Giant bugger! That's a big pen.

Students at end of class. I'll miss you all a lot.

The route. Stopped first night in Mengman near middle. Burma to the left.

First year students. I'll miss you lot too!

Long gradual uphill along the river. Little traffic.

Gum trees on the road out of Lancang. Nice riding.

Now I was coming down and was hoping mine was the low road. Luckily it was.

Lots of rolling hills around the Lancang area. Shocking roads, though.

Couldn't take the western route - roads and weather crap. I'm now in Shuangjiang near the middle.

This grabage truck played "Happy Birthday". Perhaps the drivers birthday?

They're all ghastly.

Pick a lounge any loumge....