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Tunnels, tyres and Tombstones!

Location: Shuangjiang - Kunming, China

Hung out a day in Shuangjiang contemplating my immediate, uncertain future. Tyres slashed by bad roads and dangerous - go to Kunming for new ones and then ride to Dali.

A little night out with some funsters in raging Shuangjiang. Not bad! this guy's the beer distributor - such fortune! Hell what's that watery stuff?

Buddy's carving headstones for deceased's relatives. The smile reminds me of the Funeral Home employee who wore a "Life be in it" t-shirt.

Road from Kunming to Chuxiong and I crack the 5000km mark on the computer. Pretty cool.

By the light of day the entrance to the bar looked even worse.

(LEFT) Tunnels were scary. This one was short but some weren't and I couldn't see once inside but I could hear trucks and buses roaring roward me. (ABOVE) Dude with cricket shirt and his mate. Had a lovely drink stop at this village.

Famous lake Dian as I was riding out of Dali early in the morning.

Spent the night in Yunnanyi on the way to Dali. Wandering in the fields in the late afternoon was cool.

From my hiding spot for a little refreshment break. Not many vehicles on the new road.

Photography whilst cycling! Look at how smooth it is! Very illegal to ride on, too!

View from my hotel in Pingyang (Nothingsville). Between Dali and Luiku.

So I still had 25 to enjoy on this new road. They freaked when they saw me come down the exit ramp but I just had to sprint through and play dumb.