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3 Parallel Rivers

Location: 3 rivers, China

That's what the region is called. The Mekong, Nu and Dulong rivers. A beautiful area.

The usual brekky of champions - delicious noodle soup and (left) another sighting of the Mekong (Lancang) river on my way west.

Near the end of an amazing 35km downhill - that's a Buddha on the hill near Luiku. (left) Near the summit it was raining and very steep and I was tiring. (No jokes, please)

Misty mountains made the area and welcome change from the humidity of southern Yunnan.

What would a trip to the Nujiang be without landslides. Countless.

Bingzhonglou (BINGO!), at the top of the Nu Jiang. (LEFT) Grubby hotel but nice hostess.

Had lunch at this "restaurant". Longest I've waited for a meal in CHina. (LEFT) Catholic church near Bingo.

The fabled ice tunnel. Very cold inside. (RIGHT) Locals hunt for wild mushrooms.