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Mountain Biking

Location: Nu Jiang, China

After lots of smooth roads the northern Nujiang was rough but the scenery and friendly folk more than compensated.

Stunning scenery as I battled along.

(LEFT) Boys on their way home from school perhaps to a village just like this.

Construction of homes here was different to anything I'd seen before. Dogs similar.

Tunatong - I'm confident that's not the right spelling but sounds close.

Bits of the road fell away into the river as I cycled. People told me no-one had ridden this before.

Rough road - spent 2 hours cleaning the bike after this. Camping wasn't an option.

Mountain bike road of fantasy and (LEFT) a real tunnel (i.e. some concrete)

Granny up to no good - cutting bamboo for some purpose - Pole Vault Beijing 2008?