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My beef with Jesus

Location: Bingo!, China

Wandering around Bingo up near Tibet, Decin area.

Was this for a previous cyclist?

Did I say dodgy? This "action" shot is for my mate Lee in JInghong.

A bloody Catholic church!

What's that I see up ahead?

Some of many eggs (6 fried on one morning) + butter tea and Tibetan bread.

Well-worn warning sign. I couldn't make much sense of it.

No, not potatoes. That's a bowl of highly-appetising pork fat. YUM! Surely the great man at left could've helped me in my time of need?

Plenty of meat here.

The official Bingo! lookout.

Heavy duty chains being applied to this one. I waited a couple of hours to hitch - nothing.

Gongshan is the staging post for trips into the far north. Nice enough town.