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Tokyo - nuts.

Location: Tokyo, Japan

This was Miranda and I taking in the sites of the crazy city of Tokyo. Photos don't really do any sort of justice to intensity of one of the biggest cities in the world. Awesome place.

The view from the 45th floor of the Metropolitan buildings in central Tokyo - the same view in all directions..

The chef at the end of Kapabashi-dori, the street that sells everything you need to stock a restaurant. One of our highlights of the trip.

Whisk of Doom.

Apparently at one point, this was the longest escalator in the world. We had to go there.

Our friend Mr Fugu.

Hinge of Doom!

Cool bridge at Tokyo bay. That's the Tokyo dome in the distance.

The Statue of Liberty.. Yep.

Plastic fishhead. It was very realistic.

The aforementioned Metropolitan buildings. Gotham City styles.

The Fuji TV buildings. Like a Lego model grown up.

Beauty parlour.