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Out of the city trip.

Location: Japan

A few days off work turned into an amazing trip into the mountains with my friend Yuki-san. About 5 hours drive into nowhere and we found the other Nihon you rarely hear about.

Odaigahara. One of the most beautiful places i have been.

Dorogawa village at rush hour.

Yuki-san in treking mood.

Quite stunning. The full sized photo is better, the reality is the best.

Even in the mountains you get the Asahi bikini girls..

Big long suspension bridge. Only 20 people are allowed on at any given time.

Yuki at our chosen lunch stop in Dorogawa. Fish from the river about 10 metres away on sticks in the background, freshly cooked.

Dorogawa again. Fairly typical of the river villages we visited.

An arty accidental shot of the interior of one of the countless tunnels we went through. The engineering in Nihon is quite something to behold.

My lunch. 500 for a fish, 800 for fish with eggs inside.. This one was pregnant. You eat the whole thing, bones and all.