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Second time in Kyoto

Location: Kyoto, Japan

My friend Josh came over for the New Zealand national day at the expo and hung out for a week after. We dis a fun day trip to Kyoto. Didn't take many photos though..

One of my favourite photos.

Outside Sanjusangando temple. Inside is 1000 life size wooden staues of Buddha and one seriously big one. All individual and all from the 13th century!

Hmm. Which one?
We found a shop that specialised in replica and pellet guns..

A great little café we found on our walkabout. They had just opened as we walked by. That's one the main Kyoto rivers in the background.

Another example of the complete contradiction that is Japan.

Feel lucky punk?

Josh thought the had weaned himself off his gaming habit.. until we found a shop with LOTS of old school and rare stuff. He ended up leaving with only one purchase. Impressive.