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Good Morining Vietnam!

Location: Vietnam

Here's just a little taster of Vietnam, I hope you enjoy!

26 Jul 2005, 3:12PM

Motorcycle taxi in Hanoi - the best way to get around! I was glad to have survived after my first go (you can see the tension in my smile) but now we're old pros ... only hold on with one hand and everything!!!

25 Jul 2005, 1:35PM

Here's us eventually crossing the Chinese-Vietnamese border after a long 48 hours of travel!

28 Jul 2005, 11:39AM

Me buying some bracelets from little children from the Black Hammong tribe - how could you resist? We had brought about 50 by the end of our two days trekking!

28 Jul 2005, 8:37AM

Girls from the Black Hammong tribe in Sapa! The one holding onto me is called gee and I was her best friend apparently ... although our new found friendship quickly elapsed when I didn't want to buy her jewellery!

28 Jul 2005, 3:05PM

This was the village we stayed in (Lao Chai)!

28 Jul 2005, 12:09PM

Sapa valleys ... breathtaking ha?

28 Jul 2005, 4:41PM

This is where we stayed the night in Sapa and these are all the guides ... and oh yes that is an opium pipe he is holding! Don't worry mum we didn't partake!

28 Jul 2005, 3:42PM

These were the little girls who walked with us most of the day ... oh and of course our guide Dwey who was quite a cheeky chappy and very sarcastic but good fun!

1 Aug 2005, 4:53PM

More caves ...

1 Aug 2005, 4:33PM

Caves we visited on our trip through Halong Bay!

1 Aug 2005, 2:21PM

Halong Bay

27 Jul 2005, 4:26PM

Uncle Ho's Mausoleum ... very strange experience visiting his body, could you imagine going to see an embalmed Tony Blair?